About BioSimi-BLS


BioSimi-BLS contains two parts of webserver and stand alone package to meet different needs.

Please refer to tutorial and stand-alone package manual for the specific use of webserver and stand alone package.

Hierarchical analogy

The similarities between biological sequence similarity analysis (a) and natural language semantics analysis (b).


The stand-alone package, manual and datasets of BioSimi-BLS are listed as follows.

Stand-alone package

The stand-alone package of BioSimi-BLS for Windows and Linux.

Download package


Manual of the stand-alone package.

Download manual


TThe datasets used in this paper.

Download datasets


Please cite the following paper when using the server and data at this website:

Hong-Liang Li, et al. BioSimi-BLS: a platform for analysing biological sequence similarities based on biological language semantics. (submitted)

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