1. The stand-alone package for DisoFLAG:


2. Benchmark datasets:

Training dataset

Validation dataset

Independent test datasets (DP93 DP94 CAID2)

Explanation of dataset

Line 1: >protein ID

Line 2: protein sequence (1-letter amino acid encoding)

Line 3: annotations of intrinsic disorder regions (IDR), where '1' denotes a IDR, '0' denotes a non-IDR

Line 4: annotations of disordered Protein-binding regions (PB), where '1' denotes a PB, '0' denotes a non-PB

Line 5: annotations of disordered DNA-binding regions (DB), where '1' denotes a DB, '0' denotes a non-DB

Line 6: annotations of disordered RNA-binding regions (RB), where '1' denotes a RB, '0' denotes a non-RB

Line 7: annotations of disordered Ion-binding regions (IB), where '1' denotes a IB, '0' denotes a non-IB

Line 8: annotations of disordered Lipid-binding regions (LB), where '1' denotes a LB, '0' denotes a non-LB

Line 9: annotations of disordered flexible linkers (DFL), where '1' denotes a DFL, '0' denotes a non-DFL

3. Prediction results of all methods on the test datasets:

Results for the DP93 dataset

Results for the DP94 dataset

Results for the CAID2 dataset

Note: The source codes and data for DisoFLAG are available in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/YihePang/DisoFLAG