Tutorial for the DisoFLAG stand-alone package:

Step 1: Download the stand-alone package file to your runnable linux device with python3.5+ and Anaconda environment. Unzip the file using the following commands:

   > unzip DisoFLAG.zip
   > cd DisoFLAG

Step 2: Download model '.bin' file here and copy it into "/DisoFLAG/protTrans/prot_t5_xl_uniref50/".

Step 3: Create and activate the required environment of DisoFLAG using the following commands:

   > conda env create -f DisoFLAG/torch.yml
   > conda activate torch

Step 4: Put the sequence file to be predicted in FASTA format into the "DisoFLAG/temp/" folder, and using the following commands to generate the results:

   > sh run.sh -i [./temp/seqfile] -o [output_type]

positional arguments:

[seqfile]: FASTA formatted sequence file

[output_type]: 'p' or 'b' (represent "propensity score" and "binary result")

Step 5: Wait until the program completed, and you can find the results in the folder:"/DisoFLAG/temp/results/"