If you use IIDL-PepPI for research, please cite this paper:

Shutao Chen, Ke Yan, Xuelong Li, and Bin Liu*. Peptide-Protein Interaction Profiling Based on Pragmatic Analysis and Progressive Transfer Learning. ( Submitted )

The dataset used in this study is based on the RCSB PDB collection and can be downloaded from the following links:

Randomly Split Datasets (5-fold):

Clustering Split Datasets (9-fold):

The source code of IIDL-PepPI can be downloaded from the following link:

Souece code of IIDL-PepPI:

The comparison file used by IIDL-PepPI to reduce the dimensionality of pre-training (ProtBERT) features can be downloaded from the following link (about 3G):

File used by IIDL-PepPI for feature dimensionality reduction:

The above file need to be downloaded and stored in the IIDL-PepPI/saved_models/protbert_feature_before_pca path for analysis.