PSFM-DBT: Identifying DNA-binding proteins by combing position specific frequency matrix and distance-bigram transformation

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  For the reader's convenience, a user-friendly and publicly accessible web-server named PSFM-DBT has been established. Here, a step-by-step guide on how to use the webserver to get a desired result without the need to carefully understand the mathematical details.

  Step 1. Open the web-server at and you will see its top page of PSFM-DBT. Click on the ReadMe button to see a brief introduction about the server and the caveat when using it.

  Step 2. You can either type or copy and paste the query sequences into the input box. You can also directly upload your input data via the Browse button. The input sequence should be in the FASTA format. For the examples of sequences in the FASTA format, click the Example button right above the input box.

  Step 3. Click on the Submit button to see the predicted results. For example, if you use the four query protein sequences in the Example window as the input, you will see on your computer screen that the 1st and 2nd query sequences are of DNA-binding proteins. The 3rd and 4th are non-DNA-binding proteins.

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