About ProtFold-DFG

As one of the most important tasks in protein structure prediction, protein fold recognition has attracted more and more attention. In this regard, some computational predictors have been proposed with the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. However, these existing computational methods are still suffering from some disadvantages. In this regard, we propose a new network-based predictor called ProtFold-DFG for protein fold recognition. We propose the Directed Fusion Graph (DFG) to fuse the ranking lists generated by different methods, which employs the transitive closure to incorporate more relationships among proteins and uses the KL divergence to calculate the relationship between two proteins so as to improve its generalization ability. Finally, the PageRank algorithm is performed on the DFG to accurately recognize the protein folds by considering the global interactions among proteins in DFG. Tested on a widely used and rigorous benchmark dataset LINDAHL dataset, experimental results show that ProtFold-DFG outperforms the other 35 competing methods, indicating that ProtFold-DFG will be a useful method for protein fold recognition.

The flowchart of ProtFold-DFG is shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 1. The flowchart of the ProtFold-DFG predictor for protein fold recognition.