Brief introduction

1. The source code contains the main code for ProtRe-CN running and the corresponding help files. The runnable python script file following is the main script file for running, and users need to configure corresponding file paths and associated models.

2. Dependent software is the software environment that needs to be configured to run ProtRe-CN.

3. The benchmark dataset, independent dataset and the feature library according to the benchmark test, independent test and the generated feature library for the prediction of the learning to rank model, which is convenient for users to reproduce the experiment. If users need to experiment on other data sets, they need to reconfigure the benchmark dataset, the independent dataset and feature library.

4. The search results of ProtRe-CN are obtained based on six base methods the LinearSVM(HMM), LinearSVM(PSSM), DFG-S2C(HHblits), DFG-S2C(HHsearch), DFG-S2C(PSI-BLAST) and DFG-S2C(DELTA-BLAST). Users can directly use the results for further research



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