About BioSeq-Diabolo


BioSeq-Diabolo contains two parts of webserver and stand alone package to meet different needs.

Please refer to tutorial and stand-alone package manual for the specific use of webserver and stand alone package.

Hierarchical analogy

The similarities between biological sequence similarity analysis (a) and natural language semantics analysis (b).

BioSeq-Diabolo schematic overview

BioSeq-Diabolo can automatically construct predictors and analyse their performance for specific biological sequence similarity analysis task.


The stand-alone package, manual and datasets of BioSeq-Diabolo are listed as follows.

Stand-alone package

The stand-alone package of BioSeq-Diabolo for Windows and Linux.

Download package


Manual of the stand-alone package.

Download manual


TThe datasets used in this paper.

Download datasets


Please cite the following paper when using the server and data at this website:

Hong-Liang Li, et al. BioSeq-Diabolo: biological sequence similarity analysis using Diabolo. (submitted)

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