The results of BioSeq-Diabolo.

Model files can be downloaded here: download
Score files can be downloaded here: download

The similarity scores between the queries in the independent test dataset and the samples in the benchmark dataset.

Command line for stand-alone package:
Please note that the web server of BioSeq-Diabolo will not calculate the results of the deep-learning-based methods, because their computational cost is high. For the full functions of BioSeq-Diabolo, please use its stand-alone package to enjoy its powerful functions with the help of the deep-learning-based methods without the limitation of the computational resources.
Please download the stand-alone package and example datasets, and create the folder "/BioSeq-Diabolo/data/web_homo/" or "/BioSeq-Diabolo/data/web_hetero/". Finally, open the folder "/BioSeq-Diabolo/src/" to run BioSeq-Diabolo with the following command line.