Pse-Analysis: a Python package for DNA/RNA and protein/peptide sequence analysis based on pseudo components and kernel methods

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Current Release - 1.0 - 2016 -- The source Zip file for installing the Pse-Analysis package on Windows, Linux, Unix

Quick to start

Pse-Analysis_manual.pdf for how to use Pse-Analysis, and the method descriptions of the package.

Ubuntu Virtual Machine Image -- The VMware virtual machine for users and the Pse-Analysis package and the related system environment were all set in it.

Values of the physicochemical indices

Supporting Information S1-DNA-6.pdf
-- The 6 physicochemical indices for dinucleotide (DNA) shown in Table 1 in Pse-Analysis_manual.pdf.
Supporting Information S2-RNA-6.pdf
-- The 6 physicochemical indices for dinucleotides shown in Table 2 in Pse-Analysis_manual.pdf.
Supporting Information S3-amino acid-3.pdf
-- The 3 physicochemical indices for amino acids shown in Table 3 in Pse-Analysis_manual.pdf.