iPromoter-2L: a two-layer predictor for identifying promoters and their types by multi-window-based PseKNC

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Benchmark Data

  The benchmark dataset constructed for identifying promoters and their types. It is formed by seven subsets:(1) contains 484 σ24-promoter sequences; (2) contains 134 σ28-promoter sequences; (3) contains 291 σ32-promoter sequences; (4) contains 163 σ38-promoter sequences; (5) contains 94 σ54-promoter sequences; (6) contains 1,694 σ70-promoter sequences; (7) contains 2,860 non-promoter sequences. The length of each sample is 81bp. None of the sequences included here has ≥80% pairwise sequence identity to any other in a same subset. See Eq.1 and the relevant text for further explanation. The benchmark dataset can be downloaded from Supplementary Information S1(pdf,docx).

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